Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cookie Girl....

Welcome to Celebration Cookie Co.

~Decorated Sugar Cookies~
2"- 3" - $24.00- Minimum  order 1 Dozen
4" - and larger - $36.00 - Minimum order 1 Dozen
Wedding Cookies
 Please ask for a quote, price will vary depending on size and quanity

$48.00 - Minimum order -2 dozen

Cake Flavors:
Chocolate~Triple Chocolate Fudge~Devils Food
Strawberry~Lemon~Marble Fudge
Red Velvet~French Vanilla~Spice~Confetti~Butter Peacn
Cherry Chip~Milk Chocolate~Yellow~White~Rainbow Chip
Orange~PineappleCaramel~Carrot~Pink Lemonade~Margarita


Butter Cream~Strawberry~Lemon~Chocolate~ Milk Chocolate
~Triple Chocolate Fudge Chip~Cream Cheese~Creamy White
Dark Chocolate~Rainbow Chip~Pink Lemonade
Vanilla (can be tinted a color)

Personalized Cupake Topper - $6.00 dozen


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