Friday, September 4, 2009

Ooey Gooey Peanut Butter Marshmallow Treats

Really, I was not planning on baking anything last night until I stumbled across "Get off your butt and bake." I'm seriously thinking this is the cousin to the Smore!!! Why haven't we met sooner?!?!?

So, again this is a 4 part ingredient recipe, don't you love those quick and easy!!!
Ritz Crackers....check Marshmallows....check Peanut Butter.... check White Chocolate.... check. Seriously, who doesn't already have this in their pantry. If not you will certainly keep it on stock after enjoying these babies!!!

I ate TWO last night and I was sat-tis-fied!!! I am pretty sure I felt my butt growing as I ate this. I had my broiler on high next time I will leave it on low and watch a little closer. I almost burned mine and they look burnt but they were just right!! Also, my white chocolate was not very thin so it did not drizzle well but I was in a hurry because I didn't make it BEFORE I cooked them so I was rushing to get it done after I pulled them out so I have a blob of white chocolate BUT blob or drizzle it still tasted OH SO SWEET!!!

This is a great treat for anytime that is quick and easy! Crowd Pleaser for sure!!!

So, lets get to it.....

All you need - just a note I did not use the baking chips shown in the picture for my drizzle. I found some Bakers white chocolate baking chocolate and used that instead!

Use a GENEROUS amount of Peanut Butter

If you do not have the large marshmallows then you use 4-5 small ones... it will still work!

Whoa momma.......... looking yummy

with white chocolate drizzle,blob

um, GONE!

Want the recipe? Here you go.......

Printable Recipe
Take a pkg of Ritz crackers. Spread crackers generously with Peanut Butter. Place crackers on cookie sheet. Top with a large marshmallow, or several small ones. Place under broiler in oven, until marshmallow is golden brown. Drizzle with warm white chocolate (optional, yeah right!!!)

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Monica H said...

I bet these were ultra gooey and sweet. Another Ritz cracker on top wouldn't hurt either :-)

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