Friday, September 25, 2009

Sugar Bears

Sugar Bears take TWO!!! Friday night I decided to get the sugar bears decorated so I could take them with me to Waco on Saturday and give to my Mom so she could deliver them on Monday!!!

This is my first REAL experience with Royal Icing and to be honest I was a little intimidated by it BUT I faced my fears head on and WHIPPED, its butt.... LOL 

I mixed up the royal icing in my electric mixer for about 8-10 minutes until it was thick and formed peaks! I mixed in some green coloring for that BAYLOR BEAR GREEN!! After I had enough for my piping icing I added a little water to the icing to get my "flooding" icing! After I started flooding the cookies I realized that it could have been a little thinner but it worked out fine.

I also thought the recipe made a little more than it did. So, next time I will double the recipe to make sure I have just enough.

How did I make the "BU" on the cookie?!??!

I purchased white chocolate melting disc from the bake shop (you can also get them from Michaels or Hobby Lobby also used to make candy with the molds.) I put some in a bowl and heated them on 30 second intervals until they were melted. I poured into a ziploc bag snipped one corner and let it all flow into a squeeze bottle with a tip on the end. I took out a cookie sheet and put a piece of wax paper down to fit. I wrote "BU" using the squeeze bottle and chocolate. After writing I would sprinkle with gold sanding sugar. After I was finished I placed the cookie sheet in the refrigerator for the chocolate to harden. Once I flooded the cookie I would take one and drop onto the cookie. *Be sure to drop letttering/Monogram down on the cookie while it is still wet, also be sure to make the lettering/monogram before sitting down to flood your cookies so they have enough time to harden*

This cookie dough is soooo good! I usually do not like decorated sugar cookies because they are so hard BUT this one is PERFECT!!! I set aside two cookies for Mom and Dad and on Saturday after eating their cookie they said they would have to agree!!! You will definitely be seeing more cookies on this site!!!

Makenzie's Decorated Cookie!!!


Monica H said...

SO cute. I like the little tags on the packaged cookie too.

I'm glad everyone loved them- they're so much work!

Angelica said...
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Angelica said...

Sorry, I guess I should have prrof-read my previous msg before it is:

Jen just a little idea that worked for me. My boys love to make the molded lollipops for their classmates & teachers for Valentines & Christmas, so we have tried many things with the candy melts. The thing we found that works great, is using your your slow cooker to melt the candy in the squeeze bottles or keep it from hardening too soon. Since we usually have anywhere from 3 to 6 colors at once, this is very useful for me. All I do is fill the crock pot about 1/3 of the way with hot water & then add the bottles with the whole candy melts. Once they start to melt, you will have to massage the bottle a bit to help the middle melts dissolve. Of course this is something you would have to prep ahead of time, but it kind of saves time with the melting in the microwave in a bowl & then piping them into the squeeze bottles. Especially if you are using more than 2 colors. Let me know if you try it. Hope it helps

Angelica said...

I give up

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