Monday, October 5, 2009

Mimi's Cake Pops

My biggest fan makes CAKE POPS!!! Who is my biggest fan?!?!? My Mother of course.... she has been following my blog and and thought she would give these cuties a shot for my Aunt's birthday!!! I have to thank my Mom for passing the baking gene on to me. I have called her Betty Crocker since I was little!! When we were discussing how to make these pops over the phone she says "who would have thought I would be calling my daughter for directions on how to make/bake something and the exact same time my husband says "is your mom asking YOU for baking advice" TOO FUNNY!!!

Mom used my recipe except she used chocolate cake and mixed chocolate icing into the cake mix. She purchased cocoa melts and cookies and cream sprinkles from Michaels!!! She said she still preferes cake with icing on top but she had fun making them!!!

Love you Mom!!!


Monica H said...

Your mom did a great job. So glad youhave eachother to get baking tips from one another :-)

I've been wanting to try those cookies and cream sprinkles! yum!

Janice/adorations said...

WOW-- those look so YUMMY!!!
awesome that your mom likes to bake also :0

Lissaloo said...

Those are so pretty! I made them once and they were sad looking, lol :)

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