Thursday, October 8, 2009

Together We can WHIP Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awarness month!!

A good friend of mine, Erin Allen  is a Pampered Chef Rep and she has informed me that Pampered Chef has a special promotion that started on October 1st and ends October 31st. For each Help Whip Cancer® product purchased, the American Cancer Society® receives a $1 contribution to support its breast cancer education and early detection programs across the country.

Today, I would like to remember someone very special that was affected by breast cancer. She fought long and hard!!! She was a very dear and close friend to my Mother. They had known each other since grade school and remained friends throughout their life. If you have not been affected or no one you know has been affected purchase your product today in memory of ,

Toni Sacker Fitzgerald 1950-2006.

Help Whip Clip, $3.50
· Ribbon Decorating Stencils, $3.00
· Pink Bar Board and Knife, $6.00
· Simple Additions® Pink Coffee & More Cups, $20.00
· Simple Additions® Pink Small Square Plates, $24.00
· Pink Mini Measure-All® Cup, $6.00
· Pink Nylon Knife, $5.50
· Simple Additions® Pink Small Square Bowls, $20.00
· Pink Mini Scoop & Measure, $5.00
· Pink Kitchen Gloves, $10.00
· Pink Kitchen Brush, $6.00
· Pink Bowl Trio, $19.50

You can order any one of the above products at



grace said...

month of October is an breast cancer month and awareness program.For me cancer kits is really helpful especially to all women like me,by the way thanks for the post.

Monica H said...

My grandmother was diagnose a couple years ago, but she has been in remission for over a year now. I am so proud of her for kicking cancer's butt!

I'm so blessed ot still have her around.

Lissaloo said...

Great post,I love Pampered Chef, and the pink is awesome :)

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