Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving - Prep Work

Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite Holidays because it involves food and hanging out with family and friends! This year I am very excited to be cooking my very first Thanksgiving meal at our house. We usually have lunch with Michael's family and Makenzie usually goes to her Dad's BUT this year we are having lunch at our house with my famiily and we have both girls!!!

Thanks to Paula Deen and Pioneer Woman as most/all my recipes came from them! I took today off to do some prep work. So, with out further a due here is the prep work and what I am planning for the big day!!!

Note - I do not have alot of pictures of the food because I was so busy running around getting everything prepared I forgot to take pictures of most of it...BUT I did list the printable recipe.

Prep Work -

Homemade Cranbery Sauce by Pioneer Woman
Printable Recipe

Perfect Pie Crust by Pioneer Woman
Printable Recipe

Pecan Pie by Pioneer Woman
Printable Recipe

Deviled Eggs by Mother-N-Law
Printable Recipe

I have to mention the Pecan Pie. This was my first time EVER to make Pecan Pie!!! I was very excited to hear my Dad say "Jen this is the best pecan pie I have ever eaten" My Mom told me "I can never get a pecan pie to come out right you did a great job" What!??!?! I made something that my Mom can't make NO WAY it isn't possible!!! It made my day that they thought that Pecan Pie was so GREAT!!! My Dad said I am now the pie lady and he will be ordering more!!!

The Best PECAN PIE ever!!! Thanks PW!!


You know I love cut-out sugar cookies and I couldn't let Thanksgiving go by without making some. Plus, my Mom has grown a fond love for them so it would have been a sad day had I not included them on the dessert table!! So, here are a few pictures! I thought they turned out great!!!

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Monica H said...

The cookies are too cute- I really like the acrorns. Glad you had a wonderful T-Day!

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