Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow, Hats and Mittens

Yesterday was the perfect day to decorate winter hats and mitten cookies!
This year has been a record winter for Texas in many ways!!
We received a good amount of snow yesterday.
It was beautiful I felt like I was in a snow globe.
Texas is known for shutting down when Winter weather blows through.
The schools released at 2pm and started late this moring.
One reason I love Texas ~It was snowing yesterday and the sun is shining
 today and it will most likely
reach 60 degrees!

"If you don't like the weather wait a day it will change"

Texas Snowman

After playing outside and building Mr. Snowman I went
in to dry off and decorate cookies!!!

These cookies are for the Teachers at
Pasemann Elementary that are celebrating a winter birthday!!

I also made some flower cookie bites to take to the
school and hand out as samples!!

Happy Birthday Winter Babies!!
Thanks Jennifer!!!


The Baking Sheet said...

Love these little hats and mittens! It's cold and snowy here on Long Island (NY) too...I can't wait for Spring!!

Janice Willis said...

OMG GIRL!!! you are SOOOO talented- these are TOO CUTE!!!!
I can not wait to order some cool cookies from you also;0
xoxo janice

cookies and cups said...

very cute! love the mittens!

Katy said...


I'm new to your blog and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Katy and we seemed to share a passion for baking! Your cookies turned out awesome! What kind of icing do you use, to decorate the cookies?

Ingrid said...

Your cookies are sooo cute! Love the colors you used.

Talita said...

How adorable the snowman! But I'm impressed with the cookies! Perfect!

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