Monday, April 5, 2010

All orders have been SHIPPED!!!

I was a busy baker this weekend!
I had alot of order deadlines!!
I am happy to say that all of them shipped out this morning
and all will reach their destination on time!!!

Sports Platter going to  Louisiana
Thanks Danielle!!

Baby Girl Faces/Cupcakes going to Alabama
Thanks Peggy!!

Clone Wars going to Tennesse!!!
Thanks Jodee


Kate said...

i love the baby girl faces :) too cute!

cookies and cups said...

My kids would love the clone trooper! looks like you were busy!

Jodee said...

Jake is soooo excited for his cookies...he has been telling his friends about Captain Cody is being made just for him and his friends! They look great and I can't wait! All your cookies look great.....Those little baby girls faces are adorable! Thanks again!

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