Friday, May 14, 2010

Cookie Girl "Hostess" Cupcake

Ok, so yes I did get this recipe out of one of my "cupcake" cookbooks but......
they are soooooooooo good!!!
I made these for my sweet BFF that came to help me with the Festival.
I wanted to make something that wasn't a cookie since she would be looking at them
I also wanted to make something she could share with her family
because that is how she rolls
Good thing she loves me so much she considers me family!!

Love you girl!
Thank you for EVERYTHING you do!!!


Diamonds on the Diamond...........

A sweet friend of mine just got engaged and I baked these as a CONGRATS!!
Her finance is a coach and her boys are heavily involved in athletics.
Her finance proposed on the baseball field.
Here ring is gorgeous and the diamond is a pale blue!!

Todd & Candi!!

Birthday Circus Cookies

The Circus is in town and Miguel is celebrating his birthday!

Thanks Elida!!!

Princess Bella 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Princess Bella!
Thanks Ming!

Wedding Shower

A sweet friend of mine ordered these for her Mother's wedding shower!!

Thanks Debbie!

Barnyard Buddies

One lucky little girl had a petting zoo at her birthday!!!
Mom ordered these cookies to go with...

Thanks Sabrina!!

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