Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Winner is...........

How about that it is Tuesday and I am running on time
with this giveaway!!!

So, without further a due.........
Drum roll please.........

The winner of the cutest cupcake flip flops is
Her goodies are absolutely AMAZING!!!

The winner of the applique cupcake kitchen towel is:
Monica is AMAZING and can bake/cook ANYTHING and make it look perfect!

Congrats Ladies!!
Thank you so much for following me and your sweet comments!!!

If you didn't win this time keep checking back!
I LOVE giveaways!!

Fashionista Cookies

I had alot of fun doing these!
These are for one true Fashionista!!

Happy Birthday Connie!!
Thanks Alison!!

Everyone LOVES the Cowboy's

A received an order from another fan of the
Dallas Cowboys....
These are sooooo funny!

Happy Birthday Tyler
Thanks ~ Jennifer, Rob and Tiffany

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes and a Giveaway!!


Today I am going to blog a little about cupcakes and a few random things
I am also having a few GIVEAWAY'S!!!
In my last giveaway I sent the below yummy cupcake cookies to

I also sent out a few single cupcakes to other bloggers.
(Monica and Molly I have not forgot about you! You cookies are going out Monday)

I LOVE all things CUPCAKE!!!
I also love ETSY shops!!! If you have not visited you need to!
I love being able to order homemade items!!

I recently ordered the cutest cupcake flip flops from
P.S. She is a Mother of NINE!! Wow, what a woman!!

Ok, yes they were in a toddler size on her shop BUT I
contacted her and asked her if she could make them in my size.

Here I am sporting my new cupcake flip flops
I found out today Denise even made a pair for herself!!
My friend Tiffany has a friend named Tiffany which is now my friend Tiffany!!!
My new friend Tiffany specializes in embroidery gifts!
She is VERY talented!
I contacted her and asked her if she could do some kitchen towels for me
because I LOVE her cupcake appliques and I had to have some of them.
She said that isn't something she had in her shop but would be happy to do them.
She ordered some flour sack towels and made these up for me....

Guess what?!?!? She has added them to her collection and
will now be selling flour sack towels!!!
Please visit her site
The other day I was in the store and I was walking down the cereal isle
and came across this box of cereal
So, I bought EVERY one box they had.....
I haven't made any special desserts with them I just ate TEN one bowl of cereal!!

However - These ladies have!

Dogs and Royal Icing DO NOT mix!!!
EEK! Orange Royal Icing in my pups hair!!
I went to throw away a bag of icing and it did not make it all
the way into the trash can and he was licking it up off the floor
while it was dripping on his head!
I will be taking care of that tonight!!!
I am sharing my love of cupcakes with my faithful readers and visitors!!!

I am having TWO Giveaway's today!!!

One lucky winner will receive their very own
from Denise @ It Is All About Being Cute!!

One lucky winner will receive a
from Tiffany @ Personalized To Perfection
You will get to pick the colors/personalization!!

Giveaway will close on
Tuesday, April 28 @ Noon (CST)
Please leave your email with your comment!!!

All you have to do is leave a comment!
If you have a favorite cupcake recipe please share!!

This is the day that the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it - Psalm 118:24

Spring Birthday Cookies

I made these for a sweet girl that is clebrating her spring birthday this weekend.

Happy Birthday Kierra!
Thank You Crystal!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hope's Cupcake Toppers

I love,love,love how these turned out.
I love the colors Hope chose.
She put these on her birthday cupcakes and they
turned out SUPER cute!!!

Thanks Hope!

First Communion Cookies

These cookies were made for a First Communion celebration
It includes lamb,cross, chalice and name with crosses.

Thanks Elida!

A&M Cookies.........

    I am a University of Texas fan......
Peggy works for Baylor University....... 
Peggy's son attends A&M and is the Vice President of Kappa Alpha... 
there were alot of mixed feelings about these cookies.... 
Despite my feelings for A&M I decorated these cookies for Peggy
so everyone could enjoy them at paren'ts weekend!!! 

12th Man Cookie Bouquet

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mod Monkey...... for Ellie & Parris

This cookies were made for an order I received off ETSY.
If you have not been on ETSY you need to go there.
There are so many wonderful sellers and shops
I am addcited.. ok back to the cookies!!

These cute little Mod Monkeys are for
Ellie and Parris that will be celebrating their birthdays this weekend.

Thanks Elizabeth

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